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Shipping Hints
Shipping Hints

First…enclose the item in a plastic bag to keep it clean and to prevent the intrusion of packing materials into the equipment.

Second…pack the item in a rigid cardboard box sufficiently large to allow three or four inches of padding/packing on all sides. Crumpled newspaper and/or foam "peanuts" work well for this purpose.

Third…place a note in an envelope inside the package that includes this information:

  • Your name, address and daytime telephone number.
  • A brief description of the problem you are experiencing with the equipment.
  • Any special instructions for us.

Fourth…seal the package carefully and ship it to:

Photo-tronics, Inc.
513 Dexter Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
Most photo and video equipment can be shipped safely and rapidly via the US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx.

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